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POWER Cycle Writing™

by Streamlined Literacy™

The software service that accelerates literacy growth through consistent writing practice (for Grades 1-6)

POWER Cycle Writing

Experience the power of POWER Cycle Writing (PCW), an engaging software application designed to propel the writing and critical thinking abilities of elementary school students into higher realms through consistent writing practice.

POWER Cycle Writing is an instructional support tool that effortlessly introduces the highest-tiers of evidence-based writing instruction into the classroom.*  Its structured, yet flexible framework enables teachers to apply and enhance their teaching expertise while equipping students with the writing strategies and skills they need for academic success, including self-regulation.

Designed to work with existing curricula and lesson plans across any subject area, literacy leaders can simply upload their preferred texts, prompts, exemplars and sample responses using the POWER Planning Tool to customize writing assignments.

Launching  POWER Cycle Writing in your classroom is simple, requiring minimal training and no specialized knowledge in evidence-based writing instruction.  Its user friendly, plug and play design makes it an invaluable resource for educators and students alike. Discover the transformative power of Power Cycle Writing today.

* The ESSA Tiers of Evidence Framework and recommendations for improving elementary students' writing and literacy as outlined in the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences (IES) What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) Educator's Practice Guide.


The Power of the POWER Cycle

  • Repeatable, sequential process reduces student cognitive load.
  • Consistent approach across classroom, school, district, year over year facilities efficient learning.
  • Skills and strategies embedded within each step.
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POWER Stands for

Makes Writing Fun!

  • Sends students on a space-themed writing adventure with graphic novel styled characters
  • Game-like play
  • Embeds personalization
  • Empowers students with self-regulation skill building activities
  • Students learn that practice makes progress.
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Scales evidence-based instruction

  • Structured, explicit, consistent, repeatable
  • Prepares students for success in open response writing activities
  • Builds knowledge through close-reading, dialogue, and writing in response to texts
  • Offers "on the fly" experiential/embedded professional learning for teachers
  • Optimizes district literacy and classroom expertise 

Increases Teacher Efficacy & Individuation

Step 1: Teacher leads students through first lessons
Teacher guiding students through first POWER Cycle Writing Lessons
Step 2:  Students practice independently
Students writing independently with POWER Cycle Writing application


Our Guiding Principles


  • Grow independent writers and empower teachers to teach writing with confidence.
  • Prioritize quality over quantity at all times.
  • Honor and maximize the expertise of teachers.
  • Embrace technology thoughtfully.
  • Improve literacy and life outcomes.

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